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Diamond T Motor Trucks original 1940 salesman's note book - rare find

$ 249.95

Diamond T Motor Trucks 1940 salesman's note book. Original 82 year old salesman's note book for Diamond T Trucks. Condition is nearly new, a few imperfections, color bright, printing sharp and crisp on heavy weight paper. Pictures do not do it justice, No  wear to be detected on documents inside. Some wear on binding of cover. A very rare book for a Diamond T truck enthusiast.

There are a big variety of documents in this folder including at least seven bright red drawings of Diamond T’s with Chassis specifications, model 201,306, Heavy duty line models 404,406,509 612 and 614. Diamond T 201C Dor-to- Dor model. The Diamond T cab forward models and cab over engine models then the extra heavy duty line 805,806,900,807,808 and 910. The book also contains information, pictures and specification on sleeper cab models. There are at least 85 pages, some are bi fold. There is a lot a lot of information on a large variety of special equipment and bodies (Hicks), (Gar Wood dump bodies color brochure) available as I suspect a large percentage of Diamond T’s were outfitted for specific work demands. Trucks were equipped in all kinds of configuration including as school buses, dump trucks. Six wheelers are also covered here. Lots of it is of pricing information, drawings , specifications even wheel cover types, everything the salesman would need.

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